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Red Flag: Don’t trust the police’s right-wing headlines

Newspapers claimed that police had to break up a "fetish party" that was violating Corona rules. But, […]


“Lockdown light”: Everything you need to know

From closed gyms and restaurants to new rules for meeting up with friends in public, we outline […]


Red Flag: They’ve shut down bars, but what about offices?

Berlin's nightlife has been cancelled – again. The virus is out of control, so the Senat introduced […]


October in Berlin theatre: It gets political

Shows are sold out and come with political messages. In this month’s roundup, our stage editor highlights […]


Corona comedy: How far is too far?

As comedy clubs in the US and much of Europe remain closed, the pandemic has made Berlin […]

Music & clubs

Clubs are closed, but the party continues outdoors

With venues shut and concerts cancelled, clubbers took matters into their own hands by throwing parties in […]


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