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Halal dating: Finding love as a Berlin Muslim

From arranged marriages to dating apps with a haram detector, Berlin’s Muslim singles on the lookout for […]


Lockdown love: The art of pandemic dating

From socially distanced walks to office romance, a year of pandemic life has brought obstacles and opportunities […]


Corona dating: Berliners get candid

INTERVIEW! How does one date in isolation? What's it like going virtual for hook-ups? Four Berliners share […]


Dating in Berlin

RANT! Dating in Berlin, it’s a shit sandwich where the slices of bread are also big fat […]


Tying the Tinder knot

Thought love was impossible in the singles capital of Germany? Hookup apps have come to the rescue […]


This thing we call ‘love’

As millennials tinder their way through innumerable first dates, the L-word seems more scary and elusive than […]


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