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How many people were caught without a ticket on Berlin public transport last year?

Fare dodging in Berlin? It seems you're more likely to get checked on the S-Bahn, but more […]

Monday 29, January

S-Bahn strike ends, BVG strike incoming

Germany's train strike has ended with normal service resuming on Monday morning. But don't get used to […]

Wednesday 15, November

S-Bahn and Deutsche Bahn on strike: Expect major disruptions

Berlin braces itself for a massive train strike, which will take effect from Wednesday night.

Wednesday 25, October

Bomb threats target Berlin Hauptbahnhof

The bomb threat at Berlin Hauptbahnhof was received at 3am on Tuesday morning, but it wasn't the […]

Friday 28, July

Would you give up your car for a 3-year Deutschlandticket?

A new proposal from the Berlin Greens: deregister your car and get a 3-year Deutschlandticket.

Thursday 27, July

Police investigate mysterious attack on Deutsche Bahn office

An unidentified group set nearby cars on fire, smashed windows and spray painted an eye-catching slogan on […]


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