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Where to get a drink in Wedding: Hoppy tips for happy hour

No matter the occasion – a chill Feierabendbier, sophisticated whisky tasting or a three-day bender – Wedding's […]

Dance bars

Tanzbars in Berlin: The best bars for dancing until dawn

Berlin's dance bars are a low-key, budget-friendly way to let loose at the weekend.


EXB’s Labour Day 2021 drinking guide

Cushion the double blow of endless lockdown and nasty weather with the finest takeout booze Berlin has […]


Berlin art diaries: Don’t drink at work

Everyone knows not to drink too much at work events. Fabia Mendoza tells us how she found […]


The dry wave

From Drynuary to sober raves, Berliners are swearing off alcohol. Rachel Glassberg investigates the growing trend.


Boba bonanza

Bubble Tea is back! This time the Taiwanese iced concoction is offered by genuine bubble-tea shops catering […]


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