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Exberliner presents: Love, Deutschmarks and Death

EXBlicks is back! Come and watch a special movie preview in the presence of one of the […]

Grab a drink

Bars in Berlin: The best new openings of 2022

Berlin’s best bars openings in 2022 has something for everyone, from campy-kitsch cocktails, to low-key natural wines […]


Drunk in Berlin: A hammered history from the Imperial Era to the Fall of the Wall

A look back at the many (many) ways Berliners have shared a drink, throughout the city's history. […]


Megan’s Megacan: Running a Berlin refugee centre

The Exberliner podcast is back! This week, Konrad and Megan sit down with the manager of a […]

Lounge around

Berlin’s cosiest bars and restaurants: Get comfy by the crackling fire

There's nothing like eating good food by the fire, and in honour of temperatures dropping, we've compiled […]

Art space

Pickle Bar: Art, activism and alcohol

Pickle Bar is an arts space and bar hosting workshops on contemporary Eurasian culture along with regional […]


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