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The second summer of E-scooters

TIPS! E-scooters have had a rocky ride, but they’re back for a another summer in Berlin. Which […]


Juicing the Limes

Charging e-scooters sounds like a good way to make some extra cash, we spoke to one insider […]


E-scooters: How it all began

Enjoyed by many, despised by more and vilified by local media, e-scooters were the topic that dominated […]


Six surprising e-scooter facts

Six e-facts about the new go-to transport for Berliners, from their role in women's emancipation, to whether […]


E-scooters put to the test

The e-scooter revolution has landed in Berlin. With Lime clocking up 1M rides in just 11 weeks, […]


Scoot by the rules

Love the convenience of hopping on an e-scooter? Well it could land you on the wrong side […]


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