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Deniz Utlu on Das Kapital, work and revolution

The author of The Indignants on how understanding Marx helped him understand the meaning of work


Two for the deutsch: German exhibitions

For those still looking to get a grip on understanding the ever elusive German, two exhibitions going […]


“We don’t need a basic income, we need a basic outcome”

For Dmytri Kleiner of Telekommunisten, neither the basic income nor Berliners are radical enough.


Money for everyone: Stefan Mekiffer on basic income

From neoliberals to hippie dreamers, the spectrum of people talking about basic income runs the gamut. Read […]


Konrad Werner: Cash caps are for your own good, just don’t ask why

Last week, the German Finance Ministry said it was thinking about ordering a €5000 cap on cash […]


Konrad Werner: More heartless bastards stand up for refugees

You're never gonna beat the racists by saying that Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus were refugees […]


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