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Home kino tips: The best documentaries on Netflix right now

STREAMING TIPS: From timely new docuseries "Pandemic: How To Prevent An Outbreak" to a highly nuanced Miles […]


Must-sees at Schaubühne’s FIND festival

Kicking off Mar 11 through Mar 22, the Schaubühne’s 20th Festi­val for International New Drama (FIND) boasts […]


Dance revolution! Critic’s must-see performances in February

Our stage critic's top picks for February are two exciting productions that capture the spirit of Berlin's […]

Music & clubs

Critic’s top gigs for February

Our music critic evaluates the latest works and career of two true UK icons set to grace […]

Music & clubs

Critic’s 2019 in music review

Our music critic takes stock of the key happenings on Berlin's music-scape last year and highlights his […]


Stage critic’s top performances of the year

Don't miss your last chance to see our stage critic's top performances of the year! Catch two […]


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