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Berlinale Blog: What’s the point of film financing?

At the European Film Market, it's obvious that Germany's film financing isn't what it used to be.


The Berlinale Blog: Plan B

It's Day 4 of Ben Knight's EFM Diary, and he follows Ralf Stadler around as he pitches […]


The Berlinale Blog: Canadians? Pfff. Why not?

Ben Knight joins Jan and Victor with their pitch for the reality TV media satire Pornstars. But […]


The Berlinale Blog: ‘Is it Haneke with zombies?’

Ben Knight meets Ralf Stadler, a young German filmmaker who has a script that he says will […]


The Berlinale Blog: EFM Diary – Day 1

What does it take to get a film out there? Find out one way with Ben Knight […]


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