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“He’s just more honest”

INTERVIEW: director Ikiru Genzai. Our next installment of our Berlin film Q&A series features Ralk aka Sex […]


A drop in the ocean

INTERVIEW. Elisabeth Pricken, the director of this month's EXBlicks flim, dishes about the inspiration behind her short […]


“Films should not be a call to arms”

INTERVIEW. Aleksandra Kumorek's, Die Überflüssigen, a dystopian 2020 vision of Berlin, screened at our last installment of […]


“Break some taboos”

INTERVIEW. Canadian filmmaker Paul Donovan brings us young American Christian fundamentalists on a mission in Berlin in […]


Miron Zownir: Warm showers and serial killers

INTERVIEW: Miron Zownir. Existential photographer, writer and muse of 'Radical Man' appears alongside the film at EXBlicks […]


A few questions for…

director Ivette Löcker. Löcker discusses her film here in anticipation of its screening at our monthly EXBlicks […]


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