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kinderhook and caracas

Kinderhook and Caracas: Omnibus

Looking back across 10 years, this rich collection shows what artist-run project spaces are capable of.


ChertLüdde: Die Blüten von Berlin

ChertLüdde recall the legendary costume shop Deko Behrendt in their new show in Schöneberg.


What happened to Hitler’s favourite artists?

They could have been tried for war crimes, but instead they enjoyed long careers as painters and […]


Berlin’s post-war Jewish camps

After being freed from concentration camps, holocaust survivors spent years in Displaced Persons camps, including several in […]


Five things to see at Berlin Art Week 2021

The city-wide show brings together the finest in contemporary art for its big birthday bash from September […]


Preis der Nationalgalerie 2021: Vote for the audience award now!

This year's Preis der Nationalgalerie nominees present their works at Hamburger Bahnhof from September 16. Visitors can […]


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