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A national treasure: Bonhôte on McQueen

INTERVIEW! Ian Bonhôte on his devastating documentary about late fashion designer Lee Alexander McQueen. McQueen is on […]


The EXBs: Shoes, subscription and swag all in one

Missed out on a pair of coveted BVG/Adidas trainers early this year? Exberliner have something better. Our […]


All style, no substance

The creations of Gianni Versace are on show in Berlin at a flashy new exhibition.


The woman behind the Bär

She was Berlin’s original hipster artist, a bold and fashionable Weimar Frau who never shied away from […]


Going against the current

With futuristic materials and lofty goals, these entrepreneurs are building sci-fi devices to counteract the digital world’s […]


Fashion or art? Michael Müller

INTERVIEW! Berlin-based artist (and not the mayor) Michael Müller blurs the line between art and fashion with […]


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