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The art of patriarchy

Berlin is so full of powerful, outspoken female directors, playwrights, artists and gallerists that you might think […]


Feminists in Berlin: What’s all the #aufschrei about?

Against all expectations, sexism is everywhere in Merkel’s land. Meanwhile, Berlin’s new breed of feminists have their […]


Konrad Werner: The German media is feminist all of a sudden

You might not have noticed until now, but Focus magazine and the CSU are totally feminist and […]


Cycling in Berlin: Feminise the streets!

Besieged by testosterone-fuelled Neanderthals ruling the road and a bike market aimed only at young men, Carrie […]


Top work at the PornFilmFestival

INTERVIEW. There's a show of feminine strength at this year's PornFilmFestival (Oct 22-26 at Moviemento), with director […]


John Riceburg: I don’t have a womb and even I’m pissed off!

Reproductive rights in Germany are not as far developed as you might think. Even womb-less people should […]


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