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Don’t use domestic violence as an excuse!

WTF BERLI!N! Jacinta Nandi is against reopening kitas. And using solidarity with domestic violence victims as the […]


Critic’s tips for Berlin Feminist Film Week

Kicking off Mar 5 through Mar 8 at BUFA Campus, Berlin Feminist Film Week provides a platform […]


German feminists and the headscarf

RANT! Why is the headscarf oppressive and not high heels? And the only way to end this […]


Stamp of approval

A mug shot of Berlin socialist icon, Rosa Luxemburg, is being used to make a new kind […]


Ultra-Orthodox feminist!

INTERVIEW! Marlyn Vinig is Israel's first ultra-Orthodox film critic, and a self-proclaimed feminist. A guest of Berlin's […]


A hundred years of feminist art

The small Schinkel Pavillon delivers on a big promise. Catch "Straying from the Line" before it ends […]


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