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Jacob Sweetman: The 2012 Elpis comeback special

The transfer window leaves football fans desperately grasping for Elpis, the ancient Greek Goddess of hope. She, […]


Jacob Sweetman: Five is the magic number

Saturday saw the third annual FlexStrom Cup, the successful indoor "legends" tournament at the Max-Schmeling-Halle. Sceptical Englander, […]


Jacob Sweetman: No way, José

It's that time of year when FIFA gets to pat itself on the back at a typically […]


Jacob Sweetman: The ghosts of football past

Yesterday, Sweetman had the chance to watch anything he liked from the GDR archives, absolutely anything. That […]


Jacob Sweetman: The great pretenders

To say the last couple of weeks at Hertha BSC have been turbulent would do the word […]


Jacob Sweetman: The death knells…

Türkiyemspor is slipping away. The Xberger football club has often stood for all the good things about […]


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