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John Riceburg: Capture the flag

John is not happy about all the black-red-gold in the city. But the lefty scene has come […]


Jacob Sweetman: Euro visions

The European football championships start this Fri, Jun 10 (through Jul 10). Jacob Sweetman tells us how […]


Konrad Werner: Pegida lost the Kinder chocolate, but it’s winning everything else

Taking the piss out of the Pegida idiots and saying you'd love to have Jerome Boateng living […]


Makkabi’s goal

It hasn't been all hattricks and trophies for TuS Makkabi, Berlin's only Jewish football club. Even today, […]


More than just sports

Whether asylum seekers, Russian kids from Hartz-IV families or Turkish girls looking to break patriarchal tradition, these […]


Jacob Sweetman: The Sportsdesk says goodbye

Here it is: a final self-indulgence as I put away my scrappy notebook and clear the GDR […]


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