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The Olsens, the Ossis and me

Danish writer Aske Hald Knudstrup attempts to get to the root of the GDR’s peculiar obsession with […]


Top Chef: Sven Blättermann

At a brewpub out in Marzahn, a carpenter turned chef cooks up hearty German classics and bar […]


A dramatically old situation: Joseph Vogl

Political philosopher and author Joseph Vogl on how conservatives have been fostering xenophobia since decades before the […]


Women and the Wall

A compelling cast of real-live characters narrates the Gorki's new GDR documentary piece Atlas of Communism. Catch […]


Konrad Werner: Andrej Holm, the Stasi teenager

Everybody has an opinion about Andrej Holm, but it depends a lot on what you thought about […]


EXBlicks: The GDR Complex

INTERVIEW! Gay, conservative and embroiled in international politics, the story of Mario Röllig is a compelling one, […]


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