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Berlin’s most controversial monument is vandalised… again

The so-called Herero Stone honours the perpetrators of genocide. Activists want it taken down.


Red Flag: Why does Berlin have a pro-genocide monument?

In a cemetery in Neukölln, the so-called Africa Stone honors seven German soldiers who died while committing […]


Red Flag: No, Germany is not actually recognising the genocide in Namibia

German leaders have made headlines as they publicly atone for the murder of tens of thousands of […]


Historian Jürgen Zimmerer on Germany’s other genocide

INTERVIEW! Is it time for Germany to take responsibility for its colonial crimes? Historian Jürgen Zimmerer on […]


Germany’s other guilt

The country’s little-known colonial history in Africa is on display at German Colonialism, a new exhibition at […]


Colonial Berlin in 10 stops

Colonialism on our streets? You bet! And there's plenty. Exberliner gives you a thorough guided tour of […]


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