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German elections 2021: Four things we learned

As the dust settles after Bundestagswahl 2021, Konrad Werner looks at what the results reveal about German […]


Red Flag: 56% vote to expropriate big landlords

Thousands of activists have been campaigning for months — yet few expected such a landslide victory in […]


Volt: The new pro-Europe party on the block

You've seen the stencils. Here's the lowdown on the new party vying to bring European policies to […]


Red Flag: A lefty guide to the German elections

This Sunday, Berliners will vote in three different elections. What's a lefty to do? Nathaniel Flakin shares […]


Do real environmentalists vote green?

Thanks to strong polling and a breakout campaign to take the chancellery, 2021 is undoubtedly the year […]


EXB’s guide to the German elections 2021

Whether you’ve got the golden ticket to vote or not, we bring you the basics on Germany’s […]


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