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Gorillas fire 300 workers: Is time running out for the delivery company?

Not long ago, Gorillas raised $1 billion. Now they're firing workers and running out of money. How […]

Red flag

Red flag: International Women’s Day is a strike day!

On March 8, lots of workers went on strike in Germany. This is what International Women's Day […]


The 100 most embarrassing Berliners of 2021

We make a selection from the lowlights. Who brought shame on themselves last year?


The winners and losers of 2021 in Berlin food

Who were the winners and losers in the food world during Berlin's second year of lockdown?


Red Flag: Union Busting in Berlin

Gorillas promises to deliver groceries to your door in 10 minutes. Riders say the company is ignoring […]


Gorilla warfare: Berlin’s delivery riders tell their stories

Before the headline-grabbing strikes at Gorillas earlier this month, we caught up with some of the riders […]


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