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Major glitch discovered in Berlin’s repeat election

466 uncounted ballots have been discovered in the Berlin district of Lichtenberg - and there's a chance […]


Planet on the ballot: How soon will Berlin be climate neutral?

As Berlin wraps up its state elections (again), we look ahead at the upcoming Berlin 2030 Klimaneutral […]

Monday 13, February

Berlin election results: Who’s in charge of the city?

The election results are in - but who will form the next government for Berlin? While the […]


Megan’s Megacan: Berlin election (this one definitely counts)

They're back - and just in time! Exberliner's politics podcast returns on the eve of Berlin's repeat […]

Friday 10, February

Good stuff? Berlin to introduce ‘drug checking’ this march

The scheme has been planned for five years but, starting this March, Berliners will be able to […]


The Berlin election explainer: Off to the polls (again)

Barely 16 months after the last election, Berlin is doing it all over again. So: who are […]


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