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Green Architecture: How to build a better Berlin

Berlin needs green ideas to go carbon neutral by 2050. Here's how architecture can help.

Green spaces

Berlin’s food forests: An urban agricultural revolution

How urban farmers in Berlin are using permaculture techniques to transform the food chain.


Who is Annalena Baerbock?

She’s the talk of the town in German politics, but who’s the ambitious woman leading the Green […]


Five ways to green it up: Your sassy, sustainable summer

From staws to diapers, and toothbrush to sex toys - we've got you covered, all eco-friendly and […]


Tubular sippers

Since plastic straws are on their way out, three Berlin start-ups have got you covered with eco-friendly […]


The forest that grew out of Berliners’ shit

Hobrechtsfelder Rieselfelder is a magical landscape that developed on Berlin’s sewage sludge. Maurice Frank takes us on […]


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