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Battling for the right reasons

The month, we take stock of the current state of hip hop in Germany as well as […]

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Expat spread

UK hip hoppers Alex Linton and Nick Fox explain the motive behind their collective Peanut Butter Beats […]

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Your month in hip hop

March seems to be the month for the Berliners with serious swing in their hips and nod […]

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BSH: Kissing controversy

What's hip hop without a little homophobia? Rap has long provided a mouthpiece for society's general anti-gay […]

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Burgers & Hip Hop: White meat

For our new series "Ich will nicht nach Berlin", Sam Smernicki checks out the easiest-ever sell Berlin […]

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A little news from ƱZ

INTERVIEW. At the helm of the trap scene is a man shrouded in a carefully guarded mystery […]


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