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Scream queens: The feminist stars of Berlin’s horror renaissance

Last year’s Titane put the spotlight on women in horror. We meet the stars of the genre’s […]


This week at the kino: Scary food, Final Girls & Lithuanian treats

Our film editor guides you through the week's new releases, explores food in horror, and suggests you […]


Food in horror: The most stomach-turning scenes in film

From maggots to evil spaghetti via unexpected eyeballs, our film editor rounds up the most horrifying food scenes in […]


Final Girls Film Festival: ‘Tis the season to be spooky

With Halloween approaching, Final Girls Berlin have just the lineup to make dreadheads and gorehounds drool this […]


Final Girls Film Festival 2021: Feminist horror to stream this lockdown

The fest for chills, thrills and rampant bloodlust returns with a digital celebration of horror's greatest female […]


2020 in film: Kinos out, Netflix in?

The pandemic has paralysed the global film industry, but the year has still left us with plenty […]


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