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2020 in film: Kinos out, Netflix in?

The pandemic has paralysed the global film industry, but the year has still left us with plenty […]


This week at the kino: Witch, please

Halloween is around the corner, and our film editor has a few ideas about where to catch […]


EXB’s Halloween film tips

Here’s everything you need for a spooky night indoors.


“I watched a lot of horror films about evil children.”

We speak with director Katrin Gebbe about her second feature Pelikanblut, which might be one of the […]


Five essential films by black filmmakers

TIPS! Across different genres throughout the past decade, our film editor selects a batch of insightful films […]


Confinement chills: The best horror shorts

HOME KINO! What better time for hair-raising short films than lonely nights in isolation? Here's our guide […]


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