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Save Berlin: Desperate measures

From subway tunnels to supermarkets, how far will Berlin go to house its residents? Dan Borden investigates.


A student community in central Berlin

Discover Neon Wood, the student apartment complex smack in the middle of the city with single and […]


Save Berlin: The silent scream

Berlin is finally trying to solve its housing crisis... with ugly new buildings awkwardly crammed into hallowed […]


The refugee home hunt

Over the last two years, some 75,700 people applied for asylum in Berlin. About half of them […]


John Riceburg: Robbed by the landlady

John's Hausverwaltung may be illegally charging him more money for a relatively common practice among tenants here. […]


John Riceburg. Expropriation and manatees

John loves East Berlin's Tierpark – a zoo that was created after an aristocratic house had their […]


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