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Routinised Absurdity

Human figures behind drying laundry photographic close-ups of textile and the skin of commuters – this show […]

Music & clubs

Reclaiming pop: Drangsal

INTERVIEW! About to return to the Berlin stage with his latest, thoroughly danceable fury of an album, […]


A cry-for-help Jewish map

The website Jewish Places provides an interactive map showing Jewish institutions, places, historic personalities and themed walks. […]


Fair(y) tales

What three Berlin gallerists make of this year’s huge Art Week success. Eicker explains... but hurry, gallery […]


Im Herzen der Gewalt

Édouard Louis’ memoir of rape. Catch this month Nov 11-14 at Schaubühne.


Pushing the ballet envelope: Daniil Simkin

INTERVIEW! The Staatsballett’s new star Daniil Simkin on the politics of culture and combining classical ballet with […]


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