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MEPs denied access to Assange trial speak out

Some politicians were blocked from viewing Julian Assange’s London extradition trial. They’ve released a video compelling authorities […]


The EXB Assange courtroom weekly: Week 1

Exberliner has a digital seat inside London's Old Bailey, where Julian Assange is fighting his extradition to […]


“Australia has abandoned him”

The WikiLeaks revelations had a huge impact on Assange's native land, exposing a "Secret Australia" thus far […]


From the editor: “Why I give a shit about the Assange trial.”

The stakes for Julian Assange’s extradition hearings couldn’t be higher, so why don’t more people care? Our […]


UN Rapporteur on torture: “Julian Assange is a political prisoner.”

We launch our coverage of Assange’s extradition trial by speaking with Nils Melzer, a UN official and […]


Assange’s Arrest: the legal lowdown

What are the charges against the Wikileaks founder and why are they a threat to Press Freedom? […]


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