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The NON artist: Chan-Sook Choi

Conceptual artist Chan-Sook Choi is on a mission to connect the city’s Asian art scene. As the […]


Playing an old tune: Isang Enders

Berliner solo cellist Isang Enders unwittingly followed the stereotypical, Asian-genius classical career path with raging success.


In search of the Berlin better life

We meet Korean Berliners and find out why they came to the Hauptstadt. From Gastarbeiter nurses to […]


NaNum: This could be Berlin’s best kimchi

REVIEW! We think we found Berlin's best cabbage kimchi! Former classical singer turned restauranteur, Jinok Kim, has […]


The S-Bahn from Pyongyang: Berlin’s North Korean history

We investigate how the pre-Wall GDR provided a ticket out of North Korea and, ironically, how today's […]

Music & clubs

K-jazz close up: JazzKorea

JazzKorea takes over stages across Berlin kicking off Nov 14 through Nov 17 with an eclectic mix […]


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