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Kotti for all? Why locals are turning against plans for a new police station at Kottbusser Tor

A new police station will open in Kottbusser Tor, one of the city’s most notorious crime spots. […]

The Gay Berliner

Berlin budget summer guide: Queer edition

The Gay Berliner is back to give you tips on how to enjoy a great queer Berlin […]

Red flag

Want to prevent crime at Kottbusser Tor? Legalise drugs.

Could a new police station solve the problem of Kottbusser Tor? Our politics blogger has an easier […]


Save Berlin: Mute’s Mega-Berlin

Dan watched the Netflix flop to find out how our city’s future stacks up.


What makes Turks tick? Ask a Muhtar!

What’s on Turkish Berliners’ minds when they enter the voting booth? Why did they vote so massively […]


The florist that (almost) never sleeps

Blumen Dilek has sold flowers since 1982, first inside the Kottbusser Tor U-Bahn station, and then, since […]


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