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Germany is legalising weed: What does it mean for Berlin?

After years of discussion, Germany is moving forward with the (semi-)legalisation of cannabis. We look at what […]


JuicyFields, Cannabis Cowboys and the “e-growing” scheme that went up in smoke

A new podcast tells the story of a cannabis-related ponzi scheme over eight jaw-dropping episodes.

Thursday 13, April

Cannabis social clubs: Germany lays out plans for legalisation of weed

Rather than through shops and pharmacies, Germany will regulate the supply of legal marijuana through cannabis social […]


Armageddon. Have a nice one.

The joint that changed my life and made me foresee the Covid-19 pandemic.


Prescription pot!

While pharmaceuticals are being used illegally, there's some good news: everyone's favourite illegal plant will finally be […]


Seymour Gris: Is legal cannabis coming?

Though Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain sure are fragrant this time of year, marijuana's still 100 percent illegal in […]


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