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Nightlife in focus: C/O Berlin’s No Photos on the Dance Floor!

REVIEW! It's your last chance to see C/O Berlin's "No Photos on the Dance Floor! Berlin 1989 […]


Top three exhibits capturing the rebellious spirit of 1989

With 1988 art hall Galerie Loock opening an exhibition on East German photographer Christian Borchert on Nov […]


Aesthetics of change: Henrike Naumann

Ahead of the East German artist's installation work "Tag X" which opens Nov 4-7 at the former […]

Music & clubs

The Sound of DDR punk in four concerts

From Planlos to Pankow, what’s left of the DDR's infamous punk scene? Well from Nov 4 to […]


30 years Peaceful Revolution – Fall of the Wall

7 days - 7 tips. Join in the celebration with a festival week (Nov 4-10) filled with […]


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