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’They confuse it with antisemitism’: The German media and Israel

Surprised by coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict in the German media? Taken aback by how any criticism […]


From the editor: “Why I give a shit about the Assange trial.”

The stakes for Julian Assange’s extradition hearings couldn’t be higher, so why don’t more people care? Our […]


“Ironically, running a magazine never was my dream.”

INTERVIEW! Exberliner has been out of print since April. Our editor-in-chief explains what's been going on behind […]


A cry-for-help Jewish map

The website Jewish Places provides an interactive map showing Jewish institutions, places, historic personalities and themed walks. […]


Moonlit museums

Taking in art, dance, history, architecture, performance, archaeology, food, science, music and technology, this year’s Long Night […]


Konrad Werner: Some real news in 2018

It would be nice this year if like 10 percent of the news didn't make everything easier […]


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