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Megan’s Megacan: Election Aftermath

Megan and Konrad discuss the many intriguing things we learned in last week's many German elections. And […]


Megan’s Megacan: Vote Klimaliste!

Special guest Izzy Choksey explains why she thinks the Klimaliste have the best approach of all the […]


Megan’s Megacan: The Not-Querdenker Party

On this week's show - What die Basis are all about, the Afghans who have made it […]


Megan’s Megacan: What’s New About The New Right?

Another week, another Nazi trial in Frankfurt, while the Verfassungsschutz figures out what the New Right is […]


Megan’s Megacan: Peaches and Johnnie Blonde

The megacanners get vaxxed, drink canned cocktails despite medical advice, and chat some news: What happened in […]


Megan’s Megacan: Super Summer Joy

The megacanners enjoy a Jim Beam and Ice Tea and discuss the Giffey scandal, schools reopening, and […]


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