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Konrad Werner: No more love for the SPD?

The North Rhine-Westphalia result is sad, but then again it's the SPD's own fault.


“Merkel is neither a saint, nor a witch – she’s a politician”

A new book topping Germany's non-fiction charts suggests that the refugee crisis that shook Germany and the […]


A dramatically old situation: Joseph Vogl

Political philosopher and author Joseph Vogl on how conservatives have been fostering xenophobia since decades before the […]


Konrad Werner: Merkel’s government and the car industry are identical

Merkel just hired Opel's chief lobbyist as her campaign manager. Because that's what CDU governments do.


Konrad Werner: Why Schulz is an upgrade on Merkel

There's more to the centre than just centrists – Martin Schulz is a real alternative to Angela […]


Konrad Werner: The good kind of banality

Politics and diplomacy are alright, but sometimes it takes dull bureaucracy to resist dictators like Erdoğan. So […]


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