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Konrad Werner: So are we sure Erdogan doesn’t fuck goats?

What's the point of living in a free country if you can't accuse foreign dictators of fucking […]


Konrad Werner: The refugee deal is immoral, but it might save Merkel

Today it begins: refugees from Greece are going to be mass deported back to Turkey. Well done […]


Konrad Werner: Who’s really in charge?

We now know that the BND is just as uncontrolled and unaccountable as the NSA. And Angela […]


Konrad Werner: Stop pretending Merkel is soft on refugees

Merkel hasn't suddenly found a heart and gone mad. And she's not being "unrealistic" about the refugee […]


Konrad Werner: The EU has no idea what a refugee crisis is

This isn't a crisis, this is just called reluctantly getting your shit together.


Konrad Werner: Where has this Merkel been?

There's a ban on Merkel-bashing this week – she did good. Just a few small points, though... […]


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