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Konrad Werner: What’s the point of the SPD?

Why does Sigmar Gabriel exist? Who castrated the centre-left? Is this what German politics has come to: […]


John Riceburg: Germany, shut up and pay your Nazi debts!

Let's try a word association: When I say the word "debt", what word pops into your mind? […]


Konrad Werner: Merkel, please stop Schäuble, he’s insane

Why does the chancellor let Wolfgang Schäuble do whatever he wants even though it's immoral AND it […]


Konrad Werner: Merkel’s reassuring cluelessness

It turns out that Angela Merkel doesn't really know what to do about Greece either. But she […]


Konrad Werner: What does the average German care about?

Here's why Merkel's government can carry on fucking over the German people.


John Riceburg: Welcome to the Bavarian police state

John Riceburg reports on his trip down to the G7 conference in Garmisch-Partenkirchen last weekend, where he […]


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