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John Riceburg: Seven reasons to leave Berlin for the G7

Angela Merkel is meeting up with six friends in the Bavarian Alps this weekend – and this […]


Konrad Werner: Either Merkel is lying or the BND is out of control

The BND story is really complicated, but there's only one thing you need to know.


(Finally) calling a genocide a genocide

After a century of denial, the German government has finally recognised the 1915 Armenian genocide. Historian Jürgen […]


Konrad Werner: German corruption and a few dead Mexicans

Germany's inaction and indifference to its own business corruption is fuelling the Mexican drug wars.


Konrad Werner: Germany’s reputation has been trashed

Merkel and Schäuble are bullying Europe to hide their own failure. And they're destabilizing the Middle East.


Konrad Werner: Give Greece a chance

Merkel isn't as evil as everyone outside Germany says, but now would be a good time for […]


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