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Konrad Werner: The USA vs. Germany. Bring it.

We hate it when other people criticize our country, especially if they're right.


Konrad Werner: Germany’s arms race against itself

Germany needs to keep selling more weapons so it can raise its defence budget. Or the other […]


Konrad Werner: In the Kohl cellar

Okay, the Kohl Transcripts book is a bit clickbaity and gossipy. But journalists should stand up for […]


Konrad Werner: Stop being so grateful for the Mietbremse

Angela Merkel's new rent cap ain't that great. We should be demanding a lot more.


Seymour Gris: The AfD – (East) German resentment in plain view

Last year we laughed off Alternative für Deutschland as circus of bumbling old men and crazy malcontents. […]


Konrad Werner: The Shariah police aren’t the real police

Everyone seems a bit confused about that.


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