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Brigidsfest — The Authors are Present: Female Irish writing comes to Berlin

From February 1-3, this festival at the Irish Embassy introduces Berliners to seven female Irish writers through […]


Amok Mama: Should we just expropriate men?

In this week's Amok Mama, Jacinta encounters a mansplainer and then stumbles upon a solution to a […]


The blame game: ‘Guilty’ Berliner moms speak out

Rabenmüt­ter, heli­copter mums, latte macchiato mamas – blaming mothers for the ills of the world seems to […]


Making babies without blokes: How Berlin women are doing it

Sure, having a kid still takes an egg and some sperm, but while scientists work on overturning […]


The unlikely feminists

Can you cover your head, stay home with the kids, sell your body to men... and still […]


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