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Fête de la Musique 2021: More than music and mojitos

This city-wide festival has always had a special place in the heart of our music editor, who explains […]

Music & clubs

“We felt so free”: Thomas Fehlmann on 30 years of Berlin techno

We catch up with the pioneering producer about his early days connecting our city’s fledging scene with […]


The new corona gigs: DJs, waiters and club kids to the rescue

Thousands of workers from Berlin’s music and entertainments scenes are staffing test and vaccine centres. But how […]


Rapper Eunique finds her voice on Bigo Live on May 29

German rap sensation Eunique will play an exclusive online music show.


Editor’s tips: The best film scores of the 2010s

Whether electronic or orchestral, a great score can elevate a film to new heights. Here are the […]

Music & clubs

Ziúr: “Without music, I would have gone completely crazy.”

This experimental producer makes some of the most cutting-edge music in Berlin. We find out how she’s spent […]


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