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Last Generation begins a new wave of protests in Berlin 

This week sees the start of a new phase of protests across Berlin by the climate action […]

Tuesday 5, September

German chancellor Olaf Scholz wears eye patch after fall in Potsdam

Olaf Scholz is wearing an eyepatch following a fall in Potsdam. Posting his photo online, he said […]

Monday 15, May

Zelenskyy visits Berlin, almost loses his phone

This weekend saw Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visit Berlin for the first time since the Russian invasion […]

Politics 2022

What did German politics mean in 2022? The end of principles

Time’s short in politics. No one found that out more than Olaf Scholz and the new ruling […]


The problem with Robert Habeck

Everyone seems to love Robert Habeck, but what exactly has Germany's vice-chancellor done to earn his popularity?


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