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The best open-air music this July and August

Things are looking up for Berlin’s music scene, as promoters throughout the city unveil plans for a […]


Day for Night: Open-air art at your favourite Mitte cinema

A new lockdown-proof exhibition has opened outside the cinemas of Mitte. Here's a sneak preview of the […]


“We can’t forget how privileged we are.”

Considering the cirumstances, open-air cinemas have it (pretty) good. Freiluftkino Kreuzberg’s organiser and programmer Arne Höhne talks […]

Music & clubs

Rock the fortress: June open-air concerts at Zitadelle Spandau

The Citadel Music Festival gathers over 20 legacy acts.


To air is human

As summer nights continue to be warm, head over to your nearest open-air cinema. From roaring Hollywood […]


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