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Dinner in Berlin: The best new openings of 2022

Looking back, Berlin was graced with some seriously delicious new dinner spots in 2022. Elevated Indian street […]


Clärchens 2.0: What happens when the dancing stops?

The legendary ballroom was known for a lot of things, but never its food – until now. […]


Cinemas are open: The best OV spots!

FILM! Berlin's cinemas are back! From the glitzy and shiny to grungy and punky, we've compiled a […]

Music & clubs

No dancing: Your favourite clubs are back as bars

TIPS! Some of Berlin’s best clubs have reopened their outdoor areas, but with a twist. Across the […]


Reopening might push some Berlin restaurants over the edge

The city’s restaurants will reopen to customers this Friday after two months of lockdown, but the strict […]


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