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Grades don’t mean anything – but don’t tell my son I said so

Jacinta Nandi is back with her Amok Mama blog. This week, why she'll likely die without knowing […]


Why Franziska Giffey deserved her May Day egg…

On May Day, Berlin's mayor was booed off the stage. Nathaniel Flakin argues it was democracy in […]


Karstadt Revisited: Neukölln’s new palace of realty speculation

Our political blogger examines Signa's plans to rebuild Karstadt - who stands to benefit?

Red Flag - Opinion

The Museum of German Colonial Crimes

Berlin's Ethnological Museum has moved to the Humboldt Forum, an ugly reminder of German colonial crimes in […]


The Last Days of Karl Liebknecht

In Spite of Everything, released 50 years ago in East Germany, brings an essential chapter of Berlin […]


Could Germany’s obsession with homeopathy explain the low vaccination rate?

In Germany, homeopathy and other "alternative medicines" are supported by the state. Is this worsening the Covid […]


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