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Paul Gauguin: The savage at the Alte Nationalgalerie

Paul Gauguin’s actions in French Polynesia stain his legacy. Is it possible to separate the art from […]

Poster art

Götz Valien: Last Man Painting

Götz Valien is the Berliner behind a dying art form: the hand-painted movie poster.


The must-see art exhibitions this September

We have the month’s art fix covered, with minimalist painting, a rare exhibition from a living legend […]


Berlin art diaries: Are you jealous?

BLOG! Jealousy in the art world is a bloody battle with no winners. Anna Nezhnaya recounts a […]


Berlin art diaries: You’ve got to believe

BLOG! Some say belief in yourself is a big part of making it as a creative person, […]


Berlin art diaries: How is artist life during lockdown?

Two bloggers battle isolation and cancelled exhibitions.


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