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Who is poisoning Berlin’s dogs?

Dog owners beware! Berlin is in a panic over Giftköder, or poisoned bait.


Petfluencers: The Berliners making dough from their dogs

Gwendolyn the guinea pig has an Instagram following to make a Berlin poser weep. We delve into […]


Why do Berliners love dogs so much?

Jacinta Nandi on how she, an unabashed canine loather, was dragged into a filthy world of cross-species […]


Creature comforts: Berlin’s best swag for cats and dogs

Your darling pet deserves the best. From travel blankets to animal-friendly ice cream, here’s what Berlin has […]


Pet portraits: Tips to make your dog an Instagram star

Elke Vogelsang is one of Germany's most successful pet photographers. But how does she get them to […]


Gaga… for dogs?!

RANT! How is it that adult Berliners, grown adults, are reduced to cooing messes around dogs? Even […]


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