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filmPOLSKA: The best of Polish cinema and its female filmmakers

Germany's biggest festival for Polish cinema, filmPOLSKA is back to showcase the country's most groundbreaking film-making talent.


The shadow of love: Cold War

INTERVIEW! Pawel Pawlikowski on his 88-minute monochrome epic Cold War. It's out Nov 22 in Berlin cinemas.


Bona-Kolletiv: The New Insta-Champ

Take back brunch! Once primarily the domain of Australians, breakfast in Neukölln is now anyone’s game. Here's […]


The queen of Thursdays

POLISH BERLIN! Inveterate socialite and self-made dinner hostess Julia Bosski serves Berliners a slice of Poland beyond […]


John Riceburg: Black Monday at the “Warsaw Bridge”

John put on the black to support women's rights in Poland.


The abortion aunts

The Berlin-based volunteer organisation Ciocia Basia helps Polish women break their home country's restrictive abortion laws.This Monday […]


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