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Red Flag: Why do so many people vote for Trump? A view from Berlin

Four years ago, Nathaniel Flakin stayed up all night watching the election results. This time, he just […]


Remembering David Graeber

The author’s untimely passing followed years of influential writing on capitalism and bureaucracy. Jason Kirkpatrick reflects on […]


Paul Mason on capitalism post-Corona

What happens to capitalism after the coronavirus passes? Earlier this year, this lauded British author and journalist told […]


“We don’t need a basic income, we need a basic outcome”

For Dmytri Kleiner of Telekommunisten, neither the basic income nor Berliners are radical enough.


Money for everyone: Stefan Mekiffer on basic income

From neoliberals to hippie dreamers, the spectrum of people talking about basic income runs the gamut. Read […]


Your basic income

This past Sunday, Swiss supporters of basic income were struck a blow when a referendum proposing it […]


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