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When Berlin was a centre of worldwide anti-colonial struggles

With the 12th Berlin Biennale is focusing on decolonial engagement, we remember Berlin's history of anti-colonial struggle.

Art festival

Berlin Biennale 2022: Exploring colonial trauma

The 12th Berlin Biennale examines the unhealed wounds left by Western colonialism.

Editor's choice

Paul Gauguin: The savage at the Alte Nationalgalerie

Paul Gauguin’s actions in French Polynesia stain his legacy. Is it possible to separate the art from […]


Treptower Park’s human zoo

One hundred and twenty-five years ago, white Berliners spent a summer staring at Black people for entertainment. […]


Humboldt Forum: Symbol of oppression or progressive arts centre?

Our art editor charts the complicated history of this new museum complex, which digitally opens one section […]


Historian Jürgen Zimmerer on Germany’s other genocide

INTERVIEW! Is it time for Germany to take responsibility for its colonial crimes? Historian Jürgen Zimmerer on […]


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